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Weather information including race track forecast, climate history, latest weather and more.


It is unfortunate that weather disrupts sporting events. This affects especially sports that happen outside. Obviously it is done with good intentions, as for example, racing in snow or heavy rainstorms would make the track too slippery and it would put the lives of the drivers as well as the cars in danger. While some arrangements can be made to minimize the impact that negative weather conditions could have, there is only so much that sports organizations can do.


Marathons are a good way to remain fit and healthy. This is why postponing or cancelling events due to weather conditions makes sense as it puts life of athletes in danger. It is only responsible for events to be moved, despite the negative repercussions that it might have on athletes and spectators, who may have booked work leave specifically for the marathons on the specified dates. However, health and safety take precedence on everything else.

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