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October 22, 2007


Matt Cook

If we could just get a system like this during the winter with cold enough tepms that the precip falls as all snow.


Hi, Kev!

4.85" just today here in Bardstown! WOW! Do you have any idea if this will affect the Boston, Ky. area, as I know that the "Rolling Fork" has that tendency to rise quickly with every little inch of rain that falls such as it has the past day or so?!

Also...just out of my own curiosity...I keep seeing the mention of colder temps in the coming weeks...what is your guess on the first snowfall here in this area?!(not actual "accumulating" can be "first flake or two", etc...) I am thinking it will definitely be before November 16th...and I think we will have a "white" Thanksgiving, too?! I think it would be interesting to see what other bloggers here think about that, and even more-so if you & John held a little "contest" for us to see who comes closest?! :) Prize would be optional, but I think perhaps..oh, say...a trip to the Wave3 Weather Office for a day...the winner could tag along with you or John all day, see how things work, and just get to know our "fave Weather Team"?! (Just an "idea"...??!)

jeneice zollman

I loved the 6 hrs straight weather last week. we live in Scottsburg,and it seems its always all around us. better being safe for me. Kevin you done a great job as always!When it comes to the ice an snow this winter,you all keeping on top of it means alot!



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