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December 17, 2010



Brian, it is so NICE to have you here guiding us with your forecasts', and being a 'snow-luver', at that!!! How did we get so LUCKY?! :)


Do you believe that this cold and wet late fall will continue into 2011, or do you see the weather turning around?


In terms of Monday/Tuesday, I'll go with the Euro. It does far better with winter storms at this time range. Strange the GFS is warmer as it usually suppresses storm tracks.

As for Christmas, too soon to tell but the snow cover would argue for a storm that keeps us in snow. Normally, a storm track up the Appalachians is a big snow producer for us.

When it comes to January, I think it's in doubt. La Nina looks to be weakening as the waters in 3.4 and 4 have warmed recently. The amount of blocking is something we haven't seen with this strength la nina so we're in unchartered territory. Some of the frequent posters on are saying the pattern breaks down the first week of January and it's 1990 all over again. No thanks.


I'm glad the Euro favors us right now for monday into tuesday. This is the time range that the Euro has been almost spot on as far as track of the storm this winter.

Isaiah T.

The GFS showing 6" to our North? Is this a strong clipper or what?!


Confused...what happened in 1990?? I was 2 :-/

tim allen

Most models are taking the clipper Monday into Tennessee ( hint hint GFS)Jim Cantore thinks it could be a decent size storm with alot of energy producing a good swath of snow. This is looking more and more like it could be our biggest snow so far this season. We'll see what the Euro spits out tomorrow...


That snow cover map is completely bogus. Snow pack is not nearly as far south as that map indicates.


I know it is early, but do you think road travel will be safe on Christmas Eve??? We have family to go see.


"Mother Nature must have holiday parties to avoid."

AHAHAHAHAHA... Oops. I meant to say: Gosh, I just ADORE holiday parties.


Thank you for the look ahead into next week... We'll see how it pans out with ice still on the ground in the Metro!

Tyler Ronna

It looks as if there is some moisture trying to work its way northeast across Tenn. Do you think this will impact the southern part of the viewing area???


why does lou nws think the high tuesday will be 42 with all rain and wave forecasts a high of 32 with all snow? thats a big difference 3 days away


I don't remember the winter of 90 but the spring was fun. The first week of June produced numerous tornado warnings and severe weather. My son was born on Mothers Day and it was all severe after that. He spent a lot of his early days in the basement.

Brian Goode

Chris. The models have shifted a tad north and warmer. Christie will update things at 6 ill update my thoughts tomorrow. Spending Christmas with family today.

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