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December 01, 2010


Crabby D

The snow flurries this morning were a nice treat...especially on the 1st day of December. Next Tuesday is far off, so there is a lot of time to shift north. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.


You are doing an awesome job on the blog! I like that the entire weather team is posting, but I really enjoy reading your posts. I have come back to reading the WAVE 3 blog because of the changes that were made. Thank you all for your hard work.


i f the snow shifts north are we thinking 1-3, 2-4, 5-8? Also, the very cold weather we will get what are you thinking for general highs and lows for next week?

Babs (Floyds Knobs)

Thanks for another great update. I am exciting to be checking the blog daily again! The Wave3 Team is doing a great job! :)


I agree, it is great to see all of the changes on this blog. I like hearing from the whole team and especially the frequent updates.

Steve In Mount Washington, KY

If we do get alot of decent snows this year and they can keep up with the roads that would be AWESOME!!!!!


Well now that winter time is back I guess I'm going to have to break out my forecasts for the storms that are on their way. I'm going to try and do that again this year! I hit a couple on the head last year : ) any sign on Rake this year??? By the way, I hope to have time to look at everything tonight or tomorrow when new models come out and see what this weekend is looking JB would say...THINK SNOW

Jeremy Radford

I recall you or Kevin saying that the last half of December may be warmer. Is this because of the polar vortex retreating northward or westward?


This blog is the best thing about winter. It makes the dreary, cold days exciting and fun.


i have my eye on the weekend system, we need a southerly jog and parabolic kink in the upper-level winds around E KY to crop up so that it will intensify to our SE and put out in a decent fashion.. waiting on the new initializations this evening.

the system for early next week will stay suppressed due to the strong -NAO signal ..

in regards to the mid-latitude synoptic scale system for mid-december .. this one is the one i have been talking about since mid-november .. hence, it is our best bet for a latherable snow in the short term IMO, IF the clipper doesn't bare fruit of significance ..

and yes i agree this will be a december to remembrrrr if not by snow, by COLD! i am not so sure that the la-nina signal is going to kick in as quickly as a lot of forecasts i have seen .. tons of cold air building in canada and it's not centered as far west as progged by some..

Brian Goode

Thanks for all the comments folks. We are working hard to nail down all these forecasts. Jeremy, I did point out that the NAO was heading more neutral and perhaps positive down the road. That would lead to a warmer pattern. I will look at the latest on that and post soon. :)

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