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April 18, 2011




I heard from a co worker that one of the tornados this weekend was 3 miles wide. Not sure what state it was in but I know if thats true this is the biggest in the history. 3 miles wide just seems to be a little far fetch. Can you confirm or have you heard this?


Brian Goode

Nope. It was .3 BG.


Lord knows I love to watch a good severe thunderstorm but i dont like the fact there coming in at night which means for me having to stay up. I wish i could go chasing tommorow but I cant i know the storm chasers out in this area will be loving it especially out in illinois missouri and northern arkansas thats where the baddest of the bad storms will probably be.


BG - any idea why the SPC this past SVR event never went to a HIGH Risk for any of the area's involved? Even after it started to evolve they could have changed it. It stayed Moderate Risk the whole time. All of those Tornado and severe criteria reports should have required it, their language in the MD's was strong enough to warrant it dont you think?


*** Hack--- they did issue a High RISK that afternoon. Here is the link Allbeit...very late in the outbreak. BG


Thanks, Brian, as always.

I strongly encourage people to buy a weather radio with an audible alert feature which sounds when a NWS warning is issued. I already had four (four!) weather radios, but not a single one of them had this feature. I bought this type of radio recently, and I feel a tremendous sense of relief. It has a battery back-up in the event the house is without power when it is activated. The audible alert sounds anytime the NWS issues a warning in the area... Including in the middle of the night.

As it was explained in a spotter's class recently by a NOAA meterologist: Most people have smoke detector alarms to protect them while they sleep. It just makes good sense to have an alarm that will alert you to tornadoes while you sleep, also. Air-raid siren warnings are truly lifesavers, but make no mistake: They are best at alerting people who are outside, not people who are in their homes sound asleep.


I really wish kevin would of taken this event coming up on tuesday night more seriously on the news. The way he made it sound it was just going to be a few storms that get warned, when there is a real possibility this system could do alot of damage.

** Actually, I thought Kevin played it up pretty well. He stated the danger of the overnight threat and the SPC outlooks. It is a tough balance in this biz as you don't want to scare people...but you want them to take the threat seriously. - BG


Hi bad do you think Lawrence County Indiana might get tonight and tomorrow night? also what is your email? thanks!
** Hey there... it is too early to get that specific on locations. I think we all have a threat for damaging storms tomorrow night. We will have a much better idea on specifics tomorrow so keep checking back okay? And my email is BG

Troy C.

So basically, don't count on much, if any, sleep tomorrow night. *heavy sigh* How I detest nighttime storms...

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