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December 28, 2011



34" BOTS!

Angie C

Awesome blog as usual :) Keep the snow faith...BOTS!!!!1:)


I'm going with 20-22" unless some odd snow miracle happens.


Like fine wine, Brian, I believe you've become better with time. :) Thanks for the way you explain things. Nice blog.

*** THanks :) It isn't an easy winter at all...but fun to track. BOTS! -BG

jeff harral

Ill take o inches and the continuation of our mild weather.

Wayne Howlett

OK, Brian. First I have to apologize, because I am a regular reader of your blog. But, I must have missed out when you started closing out with "BOTS". Can you please explain that one for me?

Wayne Howlett
Borden, IN

*** Hey Wayne, It stands for Bring On The Snow! Thanks for reading the blog!! - BG

Isaiah T.

Is it too late to add my forecast? I've been on vacation and my computer time was sparse. I'll stick with my original forecast of 29". Hope it verifies!

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