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February 19, 2012



I really don't think too many expected much in Jeff co from the get go. We've resigned ourselves to the concrete fact that this is $&!# HOLE USA.
So I don't believe the local Mets are on the hook, its the ones out in the state hyping 16 + inches. Rule of thumb you can be a goat a lot less knowing this is $#!? Hole USA and should just make a bold call of no snow no matter what models say. Doing this would make you right 99 out 100 blown events. So breath easy and don't worry the only thing I would be ticked about is coming back to this ridiculous help hole when you obviouslycould have gone to a much better and exciting market that actually HAS a damn Winter like Maine, Colorado,California, Idaho, Wyoming or a number of other places. Personally I would never return to this ridiculous $&*$ hole if I didn't have to.


Brian, we appreciate you here in E-Town. Hard job you have. I am believing with you :)
Keep your head up darlin'


What rake said..if I could I would be where there is real winter...

Kristian Brummett

Brian, You all do a wonderful job!


Thank you for all the hard work. I think you did everything just right!

Michael C.

Don't worry about hype Brian. Your station was very up front from the start about this system, and especially the problems with sampling since it stayed over Mexico so long (I didn't realize storms needed entry visa's (bad humor)). We do need some kind of cold snap to bring our plants and all back to reality though. What can we say? The weather has been funky, and if this keeps up much longer, we'll have to say our climate.

jeff harral

I for one am not dissapointed , Ill take no snow anytime.
I hope it hits 80 this week. Winter is depressing and snow just makes it worse. Cant wait to get outside, work in the yard and cut grass.
Get the boat out, go camping and all the normal things of summer.
Cabin fever is all you get with winter.


Everyone was hoping for a snow hit and you guys reported the slim (but hopeful) chances of it. I'd rather watch/read from meteorologists who hope for snow like I do, but report the weather as accurately as possible with the info given to them, which you obviously do.

In KY, once in a while we get some mild and uneventful seasons. If we could predict 24" of snow every year no matter what, I think that'd take some fun out of our big events.

Alan Jones

Brian, I think the key word with weather is "Potential". And, I for one want the information whether it pans out or not. I would prefer to be prepared. Keep up doing the great job you guys are doing and don't take the complainers to heart. There will always be someone who just rants. And, I think the comments you are seeing here and on your Facebook page really speaks volumes of the appreciation that most of us have for all you guys in the Wave3 Weather Center. Thanks again and keep up the good work!

Ryan B.

Predicting and controlling are two different things and it's not as simple as seeing red clouds on the horizon. Let come what may, but thanks for keeping me informed and on the look-out!

Brian Goode

thanks for the comments everyone. I wasn't trying to appear like I am complaining myself :) Just wanted everyone to understand "why" it was such a challenging storm. SE KY is getting slammed right now. So at least someone is getting the snow :)


Brian, I enjoy your updates. It seems that you enjoy what you do, and situations like this really seem to polarize people between those who want the impossible and those who enjoy LEARNING about weather, no matter how it pans out. Your posts go into great detail about the reasoning behind the forecasts, which is of value to those of us who find it interesting to learn about the hows and whys of meteorology (and the sciences in general) and the technology available. People just can't get that understanding by looking at color-coded maps and sunny/rainy icons. Anywho, I appreciate the awesome blog, and keep up the good work.

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