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March 04, 2012



The bardstown snow was in January, I remember that since it was our only decent snow.

Brian Goode

Thanks! Couldn't remember off hand. -bg

Troy McDonald

Snow also fell in Owensboro right after they had their tornado in 2000, granted that was in January.


Great update Brian! I took a picture from just south of the second cell that went through Henryville. Here's what the second tornado looked like:

Joshua Miles

This was another view of the 2nd storm's wall cloud about five miles south of Henryville. I never saw a tornado with the 2nd storm. Any chance there was a second wall cloud?


I was on the second supecell. The pic is from about five miles south of Henryville looking to the west on Hwy 31. I never saw a tornado even there was strong rotation. Is there a chance there were two wall clouds with that storms? The hail on the back side of the wall cloud and rear flank draft was incredible. I'm getting a new windshield tomorrow...


Hey Josh, your photo isn't available to "non-friends". To post a link available for everyone to see, paste the above link you made into your browser and it will send you to a non-popup view of the photo. Then, at the bottom of the page, you'll see a link under "Want to share your photo?". Use that link to post here.

Can't wait to see your photo!


One and a half inches of snow has fallen in Anchorage as of 11:30 pm on Sunday.

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