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December 31, 2012



Yea Buddy, you guys sure had this "storm" pegged from the You sure you guys are meteorologists or just people who turn on the computer and hope that someone else knows what they are talking about? Well if nothing else you guys are good for making those of us who feel stupid feel much better about ourselves. I will keep watching though and who knows, some day (besides the middle os summer) you guys at WAVE may actually get a forecast somewhere in the ball

*** LARRY - I'm sorry you feel like we've not hit the forecast. I've been on vacation for the past week. I did periodically check in with our staff and came in last Wednesday to help out. All in all, our forecast has been on track! Some people like to complain... and it's no secret you're one of them! All the best to you and your daugher in 2013. -KH***

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