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December 28, 2012



For cryin' out loud....went to bed last night with promises of inches of a handful of maybe.

*** The numbers last night..were from 2-5 on our 11p news. The amounts are the same..just some placement adjustments. And we never promise in weather ;) BG


Not a major shift to me at all next models could shift 25 miles south again and were right in the thick of the heavy snow. Another thing going for us is temps have not really gone anywhere and if we can keep this heavy cloud deck temps wont rise but maybe a few more degrees. It will be interesting to see the next set of model runs. Winter Storm Warnings you got to think will come into affect later on this afternoon for parts of the viewing area. This storm has much more potential for Louisville getting snow in my opinion then the last one.


I'll go ahead and predict that the entire storm will miss us north while here in Louisville we get 1/2 an usual

Dana Mobley

Cindy, you are a joke. Quit being a hater...WAVE3 Weather Team rules! :)BOTS


BG Im just asking one time where the ENTIRE viewing is game for a good snow. No distraction's, no donut holes, no temps being critical when precip arrives, no worries on how fast this precip will transition over, no warm air surges from alot that stops our good snowfall from happening basically no sleet,no severe weather in the south that rob's us over our moisture feed, run to run computer model consistency instead of the models always bickering to the bitter end, good cold air in place not that decaying cold air either. Is that possible? lol Ok Im done venting, BOTS!!!!!!!!!!!


I am sticking with what I said early this morning. The bulk of the moisture has been trending south since the middle of the night. Unless this system picks up some moisture and expands in its' coverage I don't see much happening anywhere north of Ft. Knox or maybe Louisville. I could be wrong but I think your models are more off than I am.


No snow again for Springfield! When I lived in L'ville it seemed like it snowed more frequently! I just want ONE decent snow down here=)Thank-you for all of your hard work anyway BG!

Jeremy Radford

Brian,is it coincidence that the Ohio River seems to often end up being the rain/snow line or does the River actually affect our weather?

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