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January 27, 2013



In a matter of a week the viewing area can experience near record high temps to maybe having a severe thunderstorm watch, maybe a small outside chance of a spin-up. Then might see a possibility of a winter weather advisory thanks to a Alberta Clipper and then highs staying in the 20's on Friday. Yup that sounds about right.


I love the wave3's dedication to giving me information to work with in regards to the weather, however I am nowhere near as being impressed with those that are issuing weather warnings or even listening to those that work at the weather channel. Case in point, the weather channel decides to name each and every single disturbance this season which only makes you devalue a storm in my opinion. Especially the ones that only come bearing an inch or two of snow. Is every disturbance that happens all year long going to get names now? Spring Complex Sam? Summer Soaker Sarah? I live down in marion co. Where once there was an ice storm warning issued and nothing really happened. Then this past friday there was mainly an ice event here but no ice storm warning, mainly just a winter storm advisory which I would associate with just an inch or two of snow. Not at all bashing Wave3 because they have the most accurate information I've seen in quite some time in our area, it's more so for those that issue winter advisories and whatnot, and those that over sensationalize weather events by feeling that every cloud in the sky deserves a name making you just not take it as serious as perhaps one should.

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