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July 28, 2016



Don't know what to say, except you are the best. Know that many will be praying for peace for you during this heartbreaking time.


Thanks for sharing this Brian. I know as a fellow pet parent that losing one of your children can be devastating. We lost our fur daughter last August and though we still miss her every day, we have found opening our hearts and home to another dog while hard to think about is one of the best things we have done. I am glad that Nemo had such an amazing life.


Reading this brought tears to my eyes.

I too just lost my pet over the weekend. My cat Midnight. He was special to me and was there for me in so many ways. He helped me through some of the hardest moments on my life. JAH was also caring for him for the last year due to a complicated health issue. We saw Dr. Isherwood there. I too decided I would let him decide when he was ready to go. The past week he was rapidly declining and I informed Dr. Isherwood it would be soon. Friday night we knew he was suffering too much and it was time. The staff there all knew him well from us being in the office so much the past year. They were sad as well, and so comforting to me when it was time.

I wish you my deep condolences, as I know how much you are hurting and feel lost like I do. Each day will get easier. They will always be in our hearts and be watching over us.

Chuck Wilson

I lost my 16 year old border collie mix Sunday night/Monday morning. So your story really hit home, and since this is still raw for me, it brought tears to my eyes as I read it. My Gracie didn't suffer from illness, like your Nemo, but the last couple of days were hard. I told her that I would get her to the vet on Monday so she could finally let go, and cross rainbow bridge. Her last act was a favor to me, as she passed in her sleep. I will close by saying we were both lucky to have had our beloved pets for the time we did. The lessons they teach us in their short time here on earth make us better people. I know that like me you are dealing with a hole in your life -- the routines, places in your house, the little daily things that we used to do with our pups -- feel like gaping, open chasms of emptiness. Sending you prayers to find peace during this difficult time. Thanks for sharing your story. RIP Nemo.

Suzanne Hurst

Brian, I am crying as I just finished reading your story. I've been through this twice: once with a little poodle I'd had for 16 years, and more recently in 2013 with my kitty, Hannah. Like you, I was blessed by caring vets, but the sadness was incredible. Dr. Kennedy was not my vet, but I did meet her once in 1993, when she saved another cat from dying with kidney problems. She was great. It does get easier, but you will never totally get over that loss, no more than you get over the loss of a human. Saying a prayer for you.


Brain, I am so sorry, reading this made me cry , I to am a pet owner of a cat 'BELLE',11years old she is love of my life also,and I will be a mess if she every passes also.


Brian, I feel like I know your true colors for the first time.

Dogs are the absolute best, and it hurts so, SO much to lose them. It hurts so deeply and profoundly that many people just don't understand.

But, I understand your pain very well.

Allow yourself to grieve for as long as it takes.

You and Nemo will be reunited at the Rainbow Bridge.



I believe that nothing happens by chance and your blog is what I needed today. My tears are flowing for you, me and all those who have lost our beloved companions. I too had a Bichon. We lost Reagan in Nov. of 2014. Everything you wrote I could relate to. The night before we had decided, he slept beside me on a pillow. I didnt want to go to sleep because I knew this would be my last night with him. I cuddled him, cried for him, loved him. Like you, we could not stand to see our boy suffer any longer. The smile had gone from his eyes. As I write these words the tears flow and my two new boys, Bichon's, Deuce and Digger come to me, lick me, and crawl on my lap. It took us a month before we decided to get another Bichon. I prayed about it and prayed for the breeder. I found the most wonderful woman. She is in Walton KY, less than an hour from me. We have become the best of friends. So if you ever decide you want another puppy, I have the perfect breeder for you. Please know that i am praying for you, for comfort, peace. It gets easier and I will admit D and D have made it so, but I still grieve my Reagan. There was none like him, but his name sake Deuce is a close second. God Bless.

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